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Organizational Development


Where does your company want to go? What is your company´s purpose? How has it intentionally communicated its purpose and engaged all stakeholders on its journey? What causes and values does it adopt or can it adopt to address its purpose and, in doing so, leverage innovation, boost its growth, develop people and make an increasingly relevant contribution to society?

These are some of the challenges that Vecla's organizational consulting services help your company to address, no matter what size of business you are in. It all starts with a conscious awakening: it is necessary to know your business strengths, find out what needs to be sown and plan the paths to be followed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.

Using methodologies and techniques such as assessments, facilitation, coaching, among other tools, we support change processes, culture (purpose, vision, beliefs, values, and actions), team and leadership development, internal alignment (communication), reinforcing clarity each step of the journey to the company's purpose.


Always with a holistic approach and considering the interdependence between aspects that influence all organizations, the work is based on three fundamental aspects:

  • Diagnosis > Understand where the company is at the moment and where it wants to go mapping the factors that determine the success of its journey in 4 dimensions: identity/culture, relationships, processes, and resources.

  • Agreement on what will be worked on > Definition of priorities and indicators to monitor progress. We work together with the decision-maker on identified issues that the company wants to address, establish metrics to track progress, and measure results and the impact of success on the business.


  • Implementation support > We support the implementation of the initiatives planned in the previous stage and, throughout the process, we will be together with you, to reach the established target outcomes ensuring maintenance and sustainability of results.

Desenvolvimento organizacional


Our assessment involves the adoption of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to make a current status of determinant aspects for the realization of the organization's purpose. And we go further, supporting it in defining strategies to address challenges identified in the mapping and helping it in monitoring the actions implemented, observing the alignment in relation to what was planned and to the corporate culture. The assessment may involve the following dimensions of the Organization:

  • Identity and culture

  • Relationships

  • Processes

  • Resources

The assessment supports several considerations such as: to better understand how the company is building relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and its community; create awareness of your identity; understand leadership style and how internal relationships are established; evaluate the agility and effectiveness of the processes and the efficiency in the management and processing of inputs to deliver products and services to the market.

Assessment is also a powerful tool for the perception and understanding of the behaviors and competencies of employees and leaders, helping the organization to have a guideline for people management, articulating its strategies for talents recruitment, performance evaluation and developing potentials.


Executive and team coaching

Coaching is an ally in transition processes, facilitating self-knowledge and perception of the potential and challenges that each one needs to overcome in their journey. In such a way that the individual can make choices and trace his / her path, with awareness and autonomy, and that companies build an environment that enables human and organizational development.


For this reason, our organizational development approach is based on team coaching as a way to understand the dynamics of relationships within organizations and how each member of the leadership team experiences work on a daily basis.

Individual coaching can be carried out in parallel to a consulting service or as a specific program (stand alone) for executives and team members, allowing each individuals to enrich self-knowledge, become more aware of what inspires them professionally and, at the same time, aware of the context and environment in which they are working to find the best way to build bridges with the organization.

Coaching de executivos e equipes


We carry out workshops, conferences, training and other activities, in person and online, facilitating the dissemination of specific content in the area of ​​organizational development. We have programs focused on topics such as leadership, teamwork, communication and people engagement. Talk to us to find out about the programs that best suit the current moment and the needs of your organization.

Facilitação de conteúdo

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to improve very specific points of internal and external processes. An example of this work is the development of alternatives for your company to increase talent retention, improving the employee experience at all points of contact with your organization.

We help your company to map each phase of this journey, from employees hiring process to the understanding of spontaneous terminations. This mapping allows you to identify opportunities to create authentic bonds with your employees, making it easier to decide which points you want to work on to engage them in the different stages of talent management.


Pro bono consultancy to help transpose this moment in a healthy way for business

The scenario of uncertainty in which we live asks the entrepreneur, above all, to adapt. To get over this period and overcome the challenges until the resumption, it is necessary to reinvent the way of acting, rethink the structure and take care of the financial management with more dedication than ever. But not everyone is prepared to do it all with the car running on a road whose point of arrival is still unknown.

Looking at this scenario with the experience in leading projects and businesses in Latin America for more than two decades, I made the decision to contribute to small entrepreneurs in this moment of so many challenges. I conducted processes for structuring services, products and channel development, among other activities, in large organizations such as DuPont and Dow AgroSciences. Currently, I work as a consultant in advising and implementing business alternatives, coaching executives and teams for leadership development, teamwork and organizational culture processes in various segments.
I will use this knowledge and dedicate part of my time, in the coming months, to support small companies in their adaptation days. The work will be offered pro bono, for entrepreneurs who are interested in receiving support on the following topics: financial analysis, cash flow management, negotiation with suppliers, reorganization of staff and communication with the team.
My goal is to help design alternatives for business and understand the impact they may have in the future. In addition to a very practical support, there is also the possibility for companies to access legal and accounting guidance provided by close people who, like me, believe that the union, in fact, is strength.

If we help each other, the recovery of the economy will be faster and the impact of social isolation will be milder for everyone. My decision goes beyond solidarity and the well-being that I feel when the world around me is well. Helping companies to keep their businesses healthy is a way to create a favorable environment for organizational development, that is, for my own professional future.

Support to small and medium size entreprenuers

Consultoria Solidária
Consultoria técnica
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