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To provoke organizations to promote, with integrity, their purpose and values.


To be a consulting firm with local and international participation that supports processes to increase the awareness of individuals,  private and third sector organizations, building a more responsible, equitable and solidary world.


Provoke people and organizations to get in touch with their essence, becoming more conscious of their choices, actions and their impact on society.


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Humility

  • Integrity

  • Social responsibility

  • Transparency



We believe that the success of an organization depends on the success of the community in which it is inserted and the success of its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and other individuals impacted by its purpose).

We want our customers to understand the meaning of Conscious Culture, including purpose and values ​​as attributes of their culture.

Shared purpose, belonging and entrepreneurship open up a world of opportunities for innovation. Values ​​are filters of the decision-making process for the organization to build a vision, objectives and strategies in line with its purpose. There is no right or wrong, but what collaborates or undermines the stated purpose and shared values.

By identifying and experiencing purpose and values, people are able to put collective interests first. Collaboration emerges from relationships based on trust and recognition of individual vulnerabilities and organizations looking for innovative solutions.

We believe that empowering means recognizing and supporting the development of each individual's entrepreneurial potential and autonomy, valuing co-creation,

responsibility, and the impact on the collective result. And we work so that the leaders of organizations recognize their role as potential developers, using feedback and other structured rituals to promote belonging, self-awareness, and understanding of the impact of each individual's actions on the organization's result and, consequently, on society.



  1. Enabling our client to know and experience our manifest.

  2. Supporting your understanding of how your organization is today and what it will look like in the future. We create these two snapshots (present and future) together with you and we design together how will you build the evolution that you consciously chose to accomplish.

  3. Understanding that the movement occurs from inside the organization. Market references and other technical consulting services can have an investigative role and not a work guide. It is important to know them and trace the route that makes sense for you.

Como trabalhamos
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Sumaia de V. Miguel

Graduated in Business Administration in 1995 from PUC-SP with specialization in Marketing from UC Berkeley, in San Francisco (USA), where she lived for five years.

Facilitation and Consulting by Adigo and Coaching by the EcoSocial Institute. Certified in several tools that support self-knowledge and leadership development such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) by CPP-USA, Immunity to Change-Harvard Business School among others. Extra-judicial mediation (ongoing).

Developed until 2013 twenty-five years of career in the areas of Marketing & Sales and Project Management in multinational companies such as Dow Agrosciences, DuPont do Brasil, Interare and Perstorp Plastic Systems, among others.

She has been working in Organizational Development for ten years, supporting organizations and individuals through consultancy, coaching, mentoring and facilitation. The projects support processes of cultural change, leadership development, teamwork and other organizational demands. Coach certified by ICF (ACC - 2017) with over a thousand hours of individual assistance.

Languages: Spanish, English (fluent), Portuguese (Native). German (B1, basic / intermediate)

Sumaia V. Miguel

How we present ourselves to the world

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