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Organizational Development

Where does your company want to go? What is your company´s purpose? How has it intentionally communicated its purpose and engaged all stakeholders on its journey? These are some of the challenges that Vecla helps you to address through our consulting services


Executive coaching - individual and teams

Our organizational development approach is based on team coaching as a way to understand the dynamics of relationships within organizations and how each member of the leadership team experiences work on a daily basis.


Solidary consulting
to help entrepreneurs out of the crisis

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We believe that the success of an organization depends on the success of the community in which it is inserted and the success of its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and other individuals impacted by its purpose).


Who we are

Created in 2013 by Sumaia de Vasconcellos Miguel, Vecla works with interdisciplinarity, preparing the teams that work on each project based on the identified needs. We take the quality of our network of collaborators seriously, both in project management and in delivering our experiences through coaching, facilitation, content development, and other organizational development workstreams

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